From Our Clients:

*Dahlton stated that Rocco was amazing and that Rocco explained everything to him and he really understood everything when he left. This is the first time I have seen him excited about math. He has always struggled. Dahlton made a 90 on his exam. Thank him for all of us. -mother of high school student

*Cole said he learned division so fast because Rocco’s a good teacher!!!  – mother of elementary student

*Stella said she really enjoyed the tutoring. She is very excited about taking her test today as she said she really understands the concepts and is confident that she will do well. – mother of middle school student

*Nazir is improving in math thanks to Rocco.  I want him to come at least once a week   – elementary school parent

*Rocco, thank you for helping Savannah pass her summer school math course!  – high school parent

*Ben told me that Rocco had helped with the new concepts being introduced tomorrow and everyone else in class was going to be so confused but him.  He took great joy in that…LOL!  I can’t express to you enough how grateful I am that we found Rocco.  He managed to pull his D in math up to a B, so that gave him all A’s and one B on his report card.  – mother of an elementary student

*Tell Rocco thanks for helping Shadman improve his math grades. – father of high school student

*Aly said Rocco really helped her understand the concepts, and she feels confident about the test. – mother of high school student

*Ragan was happy that they were able to accomplish a little more than she thought – mother of middle school student

*Westin said he liked him alot and said he was GOOD, thought he would be a great help through the school year. – mother of middle school student

*Grant had a very positive session with Rocco. He said that Rocco teaches math better than his teacher at school.  – mother of elementary student

*Rocco is the BOMB!!! Sian aced her math test after just one session.  Tell him thanks – mother of middle school student

*Just wanted to let you know Nick had a great session with Rocco, I am thrilled! Thanks again – mother of middle school student

*Brandon passed his summer school math class!  Tell Rocco thanks. – mother of high school student

*The last test Jesus took after Rocco tutored him, he made a 90, so Rocco is definitely making a difference. – mother of high school student

*I wanted to let you know that I just finished grading the math test (division with remainders)… and…(we need a drum roll here)… You scored a perfect score, and got the question correct that I called a bonus so you have a 105 A++ on that test. Congratulations! I am so proud of you! –  from an Elementary School Teacher to one of Rocco’s clients

*81 “B” !   – high school parent reporting the final course grade for their child after contacting Rocco with a D in the class

*Luis understood and did much better on the test after Rocco’s help. – mother of middle school student

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